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Do you know the top 10 reasons cyclists and motorists collide?
Did you know that motorists are required in Boise to provide 3 feet of clearance to cyclists?

A Little Knowledge Equals Safer Cycling

Everyone knows that riding a bicycle is an excellent way to get around, save money, burn calories, and keep additional carbon from negatively impacting our environment. Riding a bicycle is also extremely safe. A study done by Failure Analysis, Inc. compared a variety of transportation alternatives (auto, motorcycle, bicycling, and commercial air travel) on a fatalities per millions hours of exposure. Here is what they found:

  • The average bicyclist – including those who ride in a less-than-competent manner – travel about 4 million hours before experiencing a fatal crash.
  • Competent cyclists will travel at least five times farther before a fatal crash.
  • Motorists travel about 2 million hours before experiencing a fatal crash.

The numbers are very clear - those who ride in a predictable and safe way will dramatically reduce their chances of ever experiencing a significant accident!

And while most people are concerned about a collision with a motor vehicle, that doesn’t happen very often – in fact, only 18% of cyclist falls have anything to do with a motor vehicle.

Most Bicycle Crashes Do Not Involve Cars

Urban Bicycling Crashes

Source: Kaplan, "Characteristics of the Regular Adult Bicycle User"

Notice that over 50% of the time that cyclists fall, the fall has nothing to do with a motor vehicle!

When a cyclist does get into a collision with a motor vehicle, the cyclist usually loses, so it’s important to avoid these situations as much as possible. Boise Street Smart Cycling is dedicated to providing Boise area cyclists with the knowledge and skills to keep them out of situations where collisions with motor vehicles occur. Staying safe on your bicycle means being alert, visible, predictable, and assertive. Regardless if you are an experienced rider or just getting started, Boise Street Smart Cycling has the classes to enable you to ride more often, and more safely.